If you haven’t tried cold fusion hair extensions yet, we can’t be friends


Long hair takes a lot of work to achieve and maintain. To grow your hair to waist length, it could take you years, and depending on the condition of your hair, it may not even look healthy at said length. Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to achieve long, luscious locks is by investing in hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions that you can try; clip-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, fusion bonds, sewn in wefts and more. The problem with the types currently on the market is that the quality of the hair is never great, and the damage they can cause to your own hair is never usually worth it. Over the last 15 years I’ve tried almost all versions of hair extensions, but as stated, none of them ever lasted as long as desired and my hair was pretty damaged afterwards. I was honestly ready to give up on having super long locks again, until all my hair dreams were answered…


Recently I visited Guci Image in Paramus to try out their cold fusion hair extensions. At first I was a little hesitant since I have not had fusions extensions in a very long time, and when I did I was NOT happy with the results. Way back when I had fusion bonds that used heat to attach the strands to my hair. Not only did it take over two years to restore my hair to good health, but I spent a lot of money on them as well. When I visited the Guci Image salon, I met with the owner, Joseph Lore, and we spent over an hour talking about their cold fusion process. After leaving their facility for my consultation visit, my faith in long hair was restored and I knew I would be in great hands.


Let’s talk quickly about my hair: it is layered and it breaks a lot at the ends. I’ve had my hair all different lengths, and I prefer to have some layers for body and volume. My hair on the day of my extensions (in the images below) is dirty, super flat because so. The facility told to arrive at my appointment with unwashed hair since they were going to clarify it and wash it anyhow. As you can see, I have some lighter pieces at the end from a few months back of bayalage/ombre hair coloring. At first we thought to color my real hair all one color, but I decided to wait until after my hair extensions were in. These images are all untouched to showcase the true color and to be as realistic as possible.


Guci Image is unlike any other hair salon I have ever visited. Not only do they do fantastic cold fusion extensions, but they also offer a ton of other options for men and women to give them the beautiful hair they desire. Not to mention they are one of the few facilities in the tri-state area that offer cold fusion extensions, which do not cause any damage to your own hair because they do not use heat to apply them. They also use top of the line human, virgin hair and take the time to get to know you and your hair concerns. After I did my initial consultation with Joseph, he matched my hair using a color wheel and then ordered my hair extensions. The hair arrived in just two weeks, which was when I went back to the facility to have my cold fusion extensions applied. Let’s talk about the entire applications process!


When you arrive to have your extensions applied you will first meet Judy, who has worked at Guci Image for over 15 years. She is trained in hair extension application and she is a fantastic person. We went into their VIP room which had a cozy chair, a flat screen TV, espresso machine and movies galore to make my lengthy application process go by quickly and comfortably.


The application process from start to finish took a little over three hours, which is the average amount of time since these extensions are applied strand by strand. To begin, we washed my hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to remove any oils, dirt or build up, allowing the extensions to bond to my hair perfectly. Your hair needs to be very clean to hold onto the bonds!


Once my hair was washed and clean, she began to blow dry it straight into the style I usually wear my hair (which is parted slightly to one side since I wear my hair styled with a side swept bang). Once my hair was dry, she parted my hair section by section starting at the base of my scalp. She leaves a small amount of hair all around the perimeter of your head so that when you pull your hair back, or up in a ponytail, your natural hair covers the bonds to make them unnoticeable.


She took out all of the hair bundles and turned on the “Great Lengths” cold fusion machine. This machine has a small clamp style wand that is not hot or cold, and uses ultra sonic wavelengths to break down the proteins in order to attach your hair to the bond. The extensions are virgin human hair with a small amount of keratin at the top. For an entire head of hair to blend with the thickness of my real hair, we used 5-6 bundles— which is around 150 strands of hair. Depending on the thickness and volume or your real hair, you may need more or less hair than I did.


The color of my hair extensions was #1B, which is a very dark brown. The color matched the base of my hair perfectly, however, I do have some lightening on the ends of my hair from getting bayalage done a few months back. We decided to use the dark color for my hair extensions and agreed that after it was done, in a week, I would have my hair stylist color my lighter tips with the same color. I didn’t want to color my hair before my application since it may have changed the color of my hair overall and then the extensions wouldn’t match.


To apply the extensions, small sections of my hair were pulled through a tiny, clear disc and then clipped into place. Since the wand is cold, Judy took small strands of hair, hold them next to mine, clamped a few times with the wand, and then rolled the hair together until the bond adhered. The attention Judy has to detail is amazing.  She made sure that each extension laid flat to my head and sat comfortably without pulling on my own hair. This allows the bonds and extensions to lay smoothly as my natural hair covers them. It is also important that the bonds lay flat so that it will move like natural hair and not pull on your own hair. Judy left hair around my temples so that you can’t even see the bonds if I wear my hair half up and half down. She left the top part of my hair untouched so that I can tease the crown of my hair and make it look very natural.


My hair is extremely long right now with my extensions. It hits rights around my waist and the hair feels lights and comfortable. I will have it trimmed in a week to make it a little shorter and to remove some of the heaviness that is on the bottom. At the salon I also had a quick trim done by another hair stylist on staff to blend my hair a bit.


Now that I have had my cold fusion hair extensions in for one week I have to say: I love them! The maintenance is mild and the hair looks and feels like my own. You can’t wash or get your hair wet for 48 hours after the application process to allow your bonds to completely set, but after that, I was able to wash my hair with ease. FYI: you should use a wide tooth comb to brush you hair and start at the bottom and work your way up. Keep in mind that your hair is extremely clean after getting cold fusion extensions applied, therefore, your hair will be very static-y and under bright lights you may be able to see a lot of split ends. However, after I washed my hair (and used a great conditioner) my hair is smooth and so silky!


I wouldn’t advise anyone to pull or tug on their hair too much after receiving cold fusion extensions, but you also don’t need to be too nervous to brush your hair because the bonds are secure and WON’T fall out. Some people may see a few bonds come out over the first two weeks, but I have not lost one since my application! Make sure that after you wash your hair, you dry the bonds. I recommend using a special spray on your bonds while they are still damp too.


Overall my experience at Guci Image was amazing, and I can’t say enough about their staff. Joseph is so knowledgable about hair, especially women’s hair, and has been doing this for a very long time. They have done hair for women in the NJ and NYC area for decades, and have even worked on celebrities and models for some very big campaigns.


My hair extensions will last for about 5-6 months so it’s worth the investment if you want long hair year round. For the length and amount of hair they applied to me it costa around $1500-$2300. This is average for cold fusion, human hair, full head hair extensions. If you are interested in getting yours done there, they are offering my followers and readers 10% off! Just mention that you heard about their facility from Jersey Girl Talk!

If you have any questions at all about Guci Image, cold fusion hair extensions or the process feel free to contact them by calling (201) 734-0051. They are located at 1 Kalisa Way in Paramus, NJ, conveniently right off of Route 17 North!





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